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Use compressors. They will push the volume up without allowing it to clip, making quiet instances of volumes be louder and give the illusion of more sustain.


Once the volume goes below the noise floor, or the actual time the vibrations of your strings stop, you're out of luck. Sustain ultimately depends on your guitar's setup.

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remember also that any amp when pushed hard beyond a certain point adds a natural compression/sustain to the notes you play, so if you need more than normal sustain with clean sounds, compressors are definitely the way to go, and the more you push the amp into the saturated/overdriven territory the less you need compressors contribute


True. Like I said though, the biggest problem is the noise floor. Once the note gets low enough you'll start to hear the background noise of the guitar. The Variax is an extremely quiet guitar when you're not playing anything, but even that has it's noise floor. 


Another thing I did, was back my magnetic pickups off a bit when I got my Variax. They were too high for my taste, and notes were dying off like crazy, only lasting 1-2 seconds even with distortion on the unwound strings high on the fretboard. 

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