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POD HD 500 with Maudio


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Hi Guys,


Would it make any difference if I plug my POD HD500 into my audio interface or shaw I go directly to pro tools (notebook via usb)?


Talking in terms of sound quality... I wonna get closest to PA sound... I do not use amps on stage..


Thnxs in advance...

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Your tone should be identical with either, but one might introduce latency or be more complicated to work with for recording. 


This isn't entirely true. Your monitors you have hooked to your DAW are going to sound different than the PA speakers where you are playing. So you will get in the "ballpark" designing/tweaking your tones via your DAW at home... but they won't sound the same when you play them live.


Also the (ever popular) Fletcher-Munson curve kicks in when playing live.

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