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Studio Patches To Amp Patches

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Okay - I'll do my best to ask this question as understandably as I can. First, a bit of preliminary info. I have the HD500 and the DT50 212, using the L6 link - but 99.9% of my usage is in studio/direct mode using headphones so my family doesn't kill me in my sleep! (I'm assuming I should be using studio/direct). I've been setting up my patches so that they sound good with this setup. I'm planning on copying my patches to another setlist or bundle to be used with the DT50. I realize that they will sound totally different and must be tweaked for this setup. Soooooo..... my question/request is........is there, or can anybody put together, a standard, basic "checklist" sorta thing - maybe by the numbers, on where to start, how much to adjust, etc., from what I have already tweaked for studio. I realize there are a ton of factors that may be involved and there is no really simple solution. But a list with maybe a "start with" and "finish with" kind of idea would be great! I would be able to run down such a list with each patch as I create the second (amp) setlist/bundle. And if anybody out there is really feeling ambitious (or would like to be a true hero to many, many HD500 users!), maybe a separate checklist for the other modes as well. Again, a general kinda thing. It's better than guessing and would save hours of frustration for many! Hope this all made sense! By the way - I love you guys!!!!  LOL!!!!!

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I don't think there are any definitive rules - there is so much flexibility and creative potential :-)


But, here is a suggested basic 'start with' list :


1. Switch from full to 'pre' amp model.


2. Think in mono! The DT is a mono amp, so dual amp patches, stereo effects, etc aren't going to sound the same.


3. Centre the mixer channels. i.e. both at 50% (or set channel A to 50% and mute channel B if you aren't using dual paths).


4. Having switched to a 'pre' amp model, you have probably lost your original tone (back to defaults), so mute your effects, set the DT topology you want, then adjust the tone controls and gain and volume settings. You might want to record your studio direct tones before you start, so you have reference tones (I suggest two recordings for each patch, one with effects on and the other with all the effects muted).


5. Then individually adjust each effect - again these sound quite different through the power section of the DT.


The amp models and effects respond very differently when put through the DT (compared to studio direct), particularly at volume, so you need to do 4) and 5) at your gig volume level.


I've found this process takes time, but after a while it becomes instinctive, as you get more of a feel to how the amp responds. Taking regular breaks to rest your ears also helps. 


Hope that helps. Enjoy!

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Thank you! This is what I'm looking for. I'd like to put this information together in the form of a check sheet that I can print out and keep in my own created HD500 manual - as well as on my pc desktop. This is turning into a hobby all unto itself and, I must say, a very enjoyable one. It also helps that I really believe that I'm in early stages of Alzheimer's!!  LOL!!

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