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broken hd500x customtone rating sort


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Can someone from line6 fix this customtone problem:


I was looking for tones today and did the following:


1) Select hd500x from the main customtone page


2) Click on the Rating (link right side below Downloads) to sort highest ratings in descending order


3) First page sorts ok with the following url showing on the browser



4) Clicking on page 2 , or any page, it gets broken with the following url:



I found a work around to item 4 above by rewriting the url on the browser bar as follows:


1) replaced sort from posted to rating




2) Manually change pages by changing the number from .../podhd500x/2/.. to .../podhd500x/3/... as in:



Same deal with hd500 pages.


Should be a simple fix. 



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