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Delay trails- global or saved per patch?


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Can anyone confirm this for me, please...

I've turned "delay trails" to OFF in the "global settings" but when i recall a patch the state of this setting reverts back to ON. I dont think there is a "save global settings" function anywhere.

So i set it back off and then saved my current patch and it holds the setting, for the current patch, at least.


My understanding is that the "delay trails" is a global setting rather than per-patch parameter, but now i'm not sure.

Can anyone please confirm what it is. (using v1.32 firmware)


thanks all

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the "delay trails" is a per patch setting, not global..


there are also some other settings located into the "system" pages which are per patch and not global

thanks for the confirmation.

Can you tell me, what other parameters are "per patch" within the system pages, please?

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The trails setting is on the first system page, knob 4 (here you can turn it off or on. The way I understand it: the delay or reverb in a preset (or patch if you like), continues when the effect is switched (toggled) off, when the trails setting is ON. This however only applies within a preset, in other words it only applies to the switching off of these effects, it does not work when you switching presets.

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