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Firehawk First Impressions


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Wow. I had such a frustrating day yesterday with the Firehawk, and now I understand what all the complaints were about originally


First of all the Firehawk arrived while I was at work so a neighbour took delivery, all good except they selfishly decided to go out before I got home, and as though they were trying to torment me I could see my package in their porch but couldn't get to it, thought about breaking a window for a bit but just left sobbing


Finally he gets home, I get the hawk open it up and before I even manage to put it on the floor I notice one of the switches is totally screwed up and is pointing out the machine at an odd 30 degree angle, would be handy if I had a club foot I thought.


I plugged it in anyway and fortunately the switch still worked so I went through the presets with headphones on, really unimpressed with most and because I'm on firmware 1.01 the glitches noises and pops are all still present, and kudos to anyone brave enough to gig it that way, I imagine taking out a cone or two wouldn't be hard at high volumes


Decide to update the firmware via the app and have a break while it chugs along, no chance, I can't stay connected via bluetooth for more than 2 seconds, tried it 20 times to no avail and sobbed a bit more


Resign myself to dusting off my screwed up laptop and updating from there, downloaded the updater and plugged in the Firehawk, and it didn't recognise it, tried different cables, ports, rooms (feng shui)

Eventually stumble across a post on here that advises downloading the asio driver (honestly never occurred to me)


Got the Firehawk to update and ready to go, no, still won't connect via bluetooth, tried everything I could think of but brain was hurting by now, eventually uninstalling and reinstalling the app got it going


So at 1am I finally get to do some tweaking.


Wow this thing is freaking awesome when it works, had to be strong at 2am and force myself to bed ready for work the next day

Genuinely excited to get home today and have another go, created some really amazing patches in the little time I had and literally cannot wait to amp it up later


Seriously though I can really understand why a few people decided not to persevere, but I'm glad I did

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I have the updater installed on my work machine (I use it for updating my work devices (I'm a Technician for a Music College), though never thought to do the driver but thanks to your post I've the updater and the driver installed on my work computer now so I can bump the firmware before I leave today! ;D

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hi - I've been using this for a few days now. and apart from said niggles, its amazing. I'm into sculpting different tones for different songs and this is perfect for that - i don't even use the amp modelling side. Although I'm thinking of using some delicate pre amp sounds to add to my badcat tube breakup.


I've never used a multi effects unit that was as easy to use as this. I've spent most of my life with pedal boards with cool analogue pedals in it, but none of those beat this. you know i would have to put up with a fulltone tremolo set the way it was for the whole set. now i have it different for each song - thats great. and all on my iPad.


would love setlist though...

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Mine arrived about 2pm, bumped the firmware straight away, via sub, took about 1 minute!


Initial impressions after a half hours play - the lag is quite noticeable changing patches, like half a second - that's really not good enough, but hopefully something that can addressed soon.


The quality of the sounds are superb.


The unit itself seems to be of exceptional build quality.


Issue with streaming music, though see my topic about that!

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Currently running the Dream Rig, JTV 59, HD500X, DT25.


This is purely for home use, great as it is the HD500 is way more complicated than I need. Was thinking of switching to the Firehawk, the only thing that's stopping me is the HD500 and the DT25 obviously work great together with he Line 6 link. What would I be missing out on if I switched to the Firehawk?

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