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POD HD500X - Clean sound Flanger (Early The Cure...)


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Hello all,


I'm a beginner on the sound creation with POD HD's.

I'm trying to build some early Cure sound (17 seconds, Faith albums) where their sound is signed with some nice smooth flanger.

Trying to tweek the available flangers of the POD HD500X, can't find the right sound. No proposed customtone really pleases me either.


Problem : either too heavily modulated sound or too "Chorusy" (no nice typical Flanger whirl / airplane sound)


Could some experts give me a few piece of advice on how to reach this typical flanger sound?


Many thanks in advance.



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Have you tried going into the Customtone section and doing a search for 'Cure'.  I did a search under the HD500 section and found several. I don't know if the HD500 patches are directly compatible with the HD500x but they may help you find the sound you are looking for.


Have fun!




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HD 500 patches are directly compatible BUT I have found that when using HD Edit to put them in, it is best to save the patch by pressing the save button on the HD500 (twice) itself and not trust the Edit software to do it using the SEND function.

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I too love the early Cure flanger sound. I have not found this sound possible in the PODHD either. Robert Smith is reported as using an MXR Flanger 117 then a Boss BF-2 later on with The Cure.


I also can't get a good EH Electric Mistress flanger sound with the POD, a la The Police

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