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Signal gets distorted after using parametric EQ in dual amp setup (2 x 5150)

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I was trying to build a good dual amp setup with 2 x 5150 and when I tried to cut off some ugly high frequencies with the parametric EQ, the signal got distorted.


Is this a bug? Can anyone give me a tip or tell me what am I doing wrong?



Here is the patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jo6xl7hy6842rgr/Distorted%20signal.5xe?dl=0


Just turn on the parametric EQ and see what happens.

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The EQ is being over-driven. Try adjusting the ch vol of the amps or the mixer volumes.


To get rid of some of the fizz, try assigning slightly less volume to amp B, since it uses the 57 on axis.

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