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4x12 Tune-Up (Buzz/Vibration)


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Hey guys,


So I've recently picked up the DT50, and one of the 4x12 cabs with the Celestion V30s in it (sounds friggin killer), but lately I've noticed a slight buzz when i'm playing heavier palm muted notes, especially on the decay of the note.


I've taken the back off the cabinet and tightened all the screws on the speakers and everything looks fine, but I'm still getting some of that buzz.


I think its coming from the center post (that's stapled to the front of the cab, and then the back panel screws into it).


I was thinking of maybe putting some poster putty (the blue stuff) around the edges and working it in there, because I'm hesitant to just glue it all up.


Do any of you guys have experience with this, or have you done anything else to your 4x12 to get rid of any unwanted sounds?

I've done some research, and seen a few forum posts about similar things, but I figured I'd give a shout out to the L6 community.





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One thing to check is the speakers themselves, open the back to make sure the original speakers are in there. Physically grab each speaker by the magnet and see if they are loose at all. These cabs are rear loading so the next step is going to be a little more invasive. That same buzz happened to me and the culprit was a loose dust cap! The dust cap is the little dome in the center of each speaker that protects the voice coil. To check it you have to remove the speaker and inspect the seal around the dome to make sure it is intact all the way around! Also, check the seal around the edge of the speaker as well, but the dust cap is usually the answer,

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