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Recording rehearsals again.

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This may even be a pointless topic... But I thought it would be nice to put this here.


Since Line6 helped to fix the problem on my mixer I returned to what is now my standard way of working. I record and listen back to everything!  


This made all my bands (including an acoustic duo) enter a completely new level of performing!  I mean, really, how could I work so much time with a mixer without multitrack recording capability! I had one rehearsal without the mixer and I was panicking :rolleyes:  :lol:  

And I don't even keep the files on the SD! So I don't even spend money on storage (memory). 


Here's what I do: 


I take the time to set mics on every rehearsal or gig, even if it's a small pub that doesn't need micing on the backline. 

I just don't bring up the volumes on the channels I don't need for sound reinforcement.  


Then just record everything!


If Its a gig: 


Typically I'll use the files to improve the live sound of the band. I'll plug the M20d to my yamaha studio monitors and mix, create presets, etc... Just to get ready for the next gig with the same band. 

If I listen something I don't like. A huge mistake or a problem with the flow of the show, then I'll take the time to import the tracks to the DAW, make a fast and simple mix and take the mp3 to the next reharsal to talk about it.


If not, I'll just delete the entire thing!


On Rehearsal: 



1 - Create 2 scenes, one to record, with the mix you need to rehearse (maybe just the vocals on the PA), and another one with a nice playback mix so you can listen to the recordings.


2 - play one song recording it, Listen, discuss, take notes.


3 - If the song sounded good on the recording, erase the recording (don't get emotionally attached to the files because memory storage can become an issue) and move on to the next song. If there are things to improve, erase the file, practice for a bit and start from point number 2. The multitrack aspect of this recording play an huge role here because you can isolate instruments to diagnose problems (timing, harmonies, tuning, etc). 



Ok, you guessed, thins method is super time consuming! But, if this is our job we simply have to be the best at it!

I can tell you it's completely worth it!  We sound way better and are getting more and better gigs has a result. B)

It's also a very good "excessive ego killer"! Know that drummer that is constantly playing powerful drum fills on every 2 measures even if the vocals are singing a quiet verse? Well, after listening what it makes to the song he will immediately revert to just holding the groove  ;) Same goes to the guitar player that's trowing leads all over the place! 



Why am I posting this here? Well, the M20d is the only mixer on double this price range with on board multitrack recording and playback. 

Other mixers can get you great results sound wise. But this mixer takes every a very LONG step further by giving you a easy to use way of making or band  actually play better!

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We record every gig so that each guy can review their own performance. As one band member says, "tape don't lie". If something doesn't sound right, you have proof of it and you can work on making it better. It certainly does tame some egos.

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Yeah, I take a similar approach, in terms of setting up all inputs for recording rehearsals, including basic drum mics and all that. Typically need kick drum, guitars, vocals and bass in the monitors anyway (for rehearsals), and same goes for live. Live mix always benefits from a little of the guitars, drums and bass in the mix anyway. Doing multitrack sure is fun!

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My M20d just arrived today. My band has always recorded rehearsals to my old 2 track flash recorder. I have pretty decent analog setup with 24 channel console, dbx comps, gates, Effectron delays, SPX 990s, etc...The workflow is great...just track tunes and send out mp3s the next day....However, we are now approaching tracking time and I did not want to track to the DAW as the workflow for doing that sucks and it can be a vibe killer at times....Anyway, the m20d seems perfect for what we need and we can keep the same workflow as we do with the 2 track setup, but get all the tracks and get rid of all the analog gear...I am really excited to get started with this thing...

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