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JHV3 'M-Series' mods?

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Anyone have anything to report good, bad or otherwise about these JHV3 mods?




I found a used M5 on Reverb.com, a little steep on the price compared to other 'regular' used M5 units. This one claims it has some of these JHV3 mods, wasn't aware this kind of thing.. Had an M13 for a while, loved it, but it was more than I needed; was using it in the FX loop of my HD500 rig. Been messing with a Zoom pedal in that FX loop slot, but always have my eye out for interesting options.

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Jack does great work.  He modded out my M9 a while back.  You can check his site for pricing to better gauge what his work should go for used.

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Those mods look crucial! I am looking at just getting a 'stock' M9, and have them mod it down the road.  Lately I have been on this mission to reconfigure my 'stompbox' pedalboard, and I decided to upgrade the cabling, get a new, larger pedaltrain. undermount the Voodoo Lab Mondo power supply, add a Voodoo Lab PX-8 switcher, and add an M9 for a more robust 'post' effects section in the amps FX loop.


Still working on some various issues, like where the buffer needs to go. Adding a G70 wireless too, and a Fulltone buffer/clean boost pedal that runs on 9v or 18v. It's tiny! http://www.fulltone.com/products/2b .


I bought an 18v fulltone power supply on Reverb.com, since I can power the G70 with 9v off the Voodoo Lab Mondo power supply.

Wire it up underneath and use some velcro and cable ties to keep it all neat and tucked away!


I haven't finalized sequence yet, other than, the G70 goes first, and the M9 goes last before the amp's fx return! Pretty psyched overall. Considering some way to tie the wireless output to the input on my HD500 -DT25 rig - I use a second DT25 for the stombox pedalboard rig. Gotta work on that one. I think the G70 has some nice extra features, I am pretty psyched to hear the sound quality.


And I can say, the Voodoo Lab PX-8 is a sweeeeettttt 8 channel true bypass loop switcher - with a send/return insert path between loops 6 and 7. Here is that link:  




I run this so loops 1-6 are all 'pre' effects, and I send the insert send to the DT25 front input - that's where I found I needed a buffer to drive the signal, and likely also would benefit from some boost as well. I route the DT25 fx send to the PX-8 insert return, and then loop 7 is chorus, loop 8 is phaser, and then I take the main out from the switcher to the M9, then M9 to FX loop return on the DT25.


May need to group the phaser and chorus into loop 7, and put the M9 in loop 8, we'll see..I want to use the delay trails on the M9 anyway; so I don't know how much it will matter if it's not in 'true bypass mode'. I have a couple of those passive Keeley 'fx loop' switchers, could add one of those for just the M9 after the main out of the PX-8, so it would true bypass the M9 when I want to. We'll see if it all fits!!


I also replaced all the old random patch cables with George L's right angles patch cable kits.Awesome cables, sound nice. Expensive; though you can also get Bestronics to wire you Switchcraft or Neutrik, or J&H connections to George L's cable, in both the .125 and .225 cables size. I just didn't want those cable kit screw on ends for runs across lengths to and from amp; figure those should be thicker cables with soldered ends. Here's the 1/4" cabling I went with from Bestronics for the three runs to / from the DT25 (input and fx loop send and return)





These are the 'boutique' cable options, AKA "friggin' expensive!"







The thing with loop switchers - they are awesome, and crucial on a pedalboard to simplify the wiring - but you need a lot of extra short and medium sizes patch cables!!


I discovered this cool feature on the Pedaltrain website, the pedalboard layout planner. You select the model of pedaltrain, then you can insert various fx pedals from various brands, and you can drag them around, rotate them - they are in scale to each other, and to the size of the pedalboard. Not all effects are there, but lots and lots of the main brands, and some various boutique stuff. Way cool; they use actual photos, so it's not so abstract, and you can set up the signal chain. They have the L6 G70, the M9, M5. Keeley pedals, Boss pedals, Fulltone pedals, JHS, etc. Wahs, volume pedals, alot.


Here is the link: http://pedalboardplanner.com/


Feraking coooool! So yeah, M9 not here yet, nor is the rest of the pedalboard stuff - need to get some industrial strength velcro from Home Depot. Some of it is here; built a bunch of the George L's cables - very time consuming. Spent like, three hours building patch cables! 


I also must say; I am loving buying stuff on Reverb.com, really cool place to get random used gear!! I like it alot - way better than ebay or craigslist. So there ya go. :)

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I would like to have a dedicated footswitch to enter scene selection mode, just like JHV3 offers.

Since I live in the Netherlands it is to expensive to send it to them.
Any tips on how to do this?

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