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Pod XT Pro. Couple of questions

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Hi guys, I've just got my second Pod XT Pro rack unit and I'm having an issue with it. You know when you're in a preset and you turn one of the knobs (drive, treble etc) the screen changes to reflect the change by showing you graphics of the knobs and then reverts back to the display showing the title of the preset?


Well mine sometimes flicks between these two pages when I'm not doing anything or touching anything. I think the culprit might be the Drive pot because sometimes I can see the graphical representation of this pot moving on its own and I'm nowhere near it!


Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to rectify it?


Thanks in advance.

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Almost certainly a dodgy pot. The difficult solution would be to either try and clean it or replace it.


The easy thing you can try is to give the pot a good turning quite quickly in both directions. This may hopefully 'clean' the pot enough to stabilise it.

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