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Hi Guys,


I currently use a Pod XT Pro at home in the rack and I've just bought a second unit which I will use live.


If I setup all of my presets at home in the studio on my first Pod, is there an easy way of replicating everything on to the second one? Also, will there be licensing issues over multiple Pods when it comes to purchased packs etc.


I have a flight case for my Marshall 6101 which has a 2U rack built in, perfect for the Pod. I plan on using the Pod though the FX Loop on the Marshall with the Marshall set to the clean channel when I want to use some of the Pod presets, and then when I want pure Marshall valve tone, set the Pod to a clean preset and then shift the Marshall over to either of the Crunch/Lead channels.


Is there anything I need to do differently on the Pod when going through the FX loop on the amp? I read somewhere about stacking preamps.......


Any help greatly received!

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Your packs are tied to your user ID, and can be used on up to four devices simultaneously :)  You can save your presets to your PC and import them into your other POD.  You'll need to run either GearBox, or Line 6 Edit (not the HD Edit, but the original one)


You will also find that your tones will sound different live than they do in the studio.  Prepare to do some tweaking.


I'll leave your FX loop question for those more experienced with this setup :)

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