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Showcase Video using M20D Recording Facilities

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Hi guys. I thought you might like to see a showcase video created by Steel Threads, a band that played my acoustic showcase last Friday night. They used video footage and audio captured by the M20d to create something that really shows what they can do! Enjoy! 


(There's a great cover of Motorhead's Ace Of Spades in this video).





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It's interesting that they managed to get reasonable synchronization of the two wild sources (video and audio). (The term "wild" is often used to indicate that the devices are not run from a common timing clock, which would keep them automatically synchronized during the recording.)


For short segments of time, the sync doesn't drift very far at all---a testament to modern digital equipment with precise internal timing in the absence of a common synchronization clock.


As for the performance, well, it's not my cup of tea. I see more melodramatic shaking and head-wagging than musicianship, but as a 45-year bassist my tastes and standards are different than others'.

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Here's a live recording, again done on the M20d of a recent outing with a SKA band that keep hiring me and my rig...


No mix afterwards, just captured the main outs into DAW from the SD recordings with the mix left exactly as it was for the gig.


Sound on the night was awesome.

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