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Jtv 59 Pod 500 Dt 50

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I havemy variax plugged into my POD 500 then through L6 link from the POD 500 into the DT50. i have sound through all of the presets on the POD 500 but cannot get the models to work in the variax guitar. i am wired into the POD 500 with the variax cable, the POD 500 is set to variax and will give sound from presets but no modeling from the guitar itself..battery is at full charge..... I have been in the work bench conected to the POD 500 still nothing as far as modeling from the variax..BUT if i take the variax guitar out of the POD 500 and wire it into the computer through the variax hub that comes with the guitar i have modeling !!! what am i doing wrong??????????

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If you are using the VDI cable you don't need (or want) the battery. Take it out. Also, disconnect the 1/4" normal patch cord from the JTV if you are using one.


Now you will have the VDI cable as the only power source, and the only connection from the JTV to the HD500. Test this setup to make sure that your VDI cable is working properly.


Do you have the JTV Modeling knob lighting up to indicate that you are in model rather than mag mode? If not, push down on the Modeling knob. Please report the results - are you still unable to get the modeling working?

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