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Pod X3 Pro replacing fuse issue.


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Hi there, I have the Pod X3 Pro. I have had what I believe to be the same issue in this legacy post - 

It did the pop thing and then died and didn't switch back on.


So, as well out of the warranty, and I as I imagine costly to send to the nearest service centre in the UK, I decided to follow the advice on that post. 


Everything worked fine as expected.... I found the fuse OK, But - as per the image below it seems to state 2.5amp slo-blow fuse is required. 


However the moderator posted in that post to replace with a 1 amp slo blo fuse. So, I've scoured the web a little bit and it appears other people have mentioned 2amp fuses, 1.5 amp fuses as replacements etc for the x3 pro!...


So, I am all confused now!!


Which fuse should I use to replace with?? 

Frustratingly, I actually have a 1amp, a 2amp and a 3 amp slo blo fuse lying around,!! Just not a 2.5 amp one!!.... 


So, which should I use? One of the 1,2 or 3 amp ones - or look around to see if I can get a 2.5 amp one??.


It seems a lot of work for a 50 pence fuse! ;-)


Thank you in advance




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My rule of thumb is to match the existing part for what was in there already. If it worked before it should work again unless there is another issue which cause it to pop in the first place. I take it you are in the UK so I don't know if there are any different fuses used do to being across the pond.


Push comes to shove and if one of our UK brothers don't pop in, either call L6 or shoot a support ticket.



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