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Metal Pack: L6 I'm Back!


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For months I've been considering biting the bullet and getting an axe. I've been keeping an eye out over at TGP and on eBay looking for an axe II at a decent price because I just couldn't get all the tones out of the POD that I wanted... Then the metal pack dropped, and it's a whole new ballgame for me again!

So far I've been spending most of my time with the Shiva, 5150, Purge and just recently Big Bottom models, and it seems like all the tones I've been craving I've been able to coax out of those four.  In a single update and 49USD later I went for pining for "the next best thing" to being totally happy with the unit.

Sure, don't get me wrong, I'd still like a MkIV, VH4, and an XTC to find their way into the unit, and feel the friggin' JC120 should be in the metal pack to begin with as I refuse to cough up another 50 bucks for just that clean channel, but all in all I'm a very satisfied customer. I've stopped hunting for a new processor, and I've started playing more and more. with that 50 bucks I've saved thousands!

With the Purge I can get all my old-school marshall metal tones and then some, the shiva (while the controls are still not very intuitive in the way they respond - I guess that's just a Bogner thing?) offer ups some seriously juicey hot-rodded plexi tones, the 5150 offer up that classic browness, and the Big Bottom's giving me a nice alternative to the dual rec that's already on offer.

At some point I'll start exploring the other 6 offerings, but I'm just having too much fun with those four atm to bother messing with them.


And L6 you offered up a metal pack 2 with the above amps' various channels in, I'd throw down another 50 on it in a heartbeat! I'm that pleased with the current offering!


So for those of you jumping ship, I'm climbing back aboard! I thought I was done with my HD Pro, but now I feel like I'm just getting started!

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That is good news!


The JC120 probably should have been included with the base unit. That amp was used on tons of recordings in late 70s and 80s and it turns out the metal players love it for clean sounds too, so it really doesn't fit into either vintage or metal.



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