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M20D - Monitor-death during concert

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i just expirienced one more problem with my m20d. it seems that monitor "a" dies after 20 minutes of playing. the cables have been checked and the active monitors run very fine on all other monitor outputs of the m20d.

suddenly, without any reason, the signal is back on but much too loud and the feedback destroys the running song. this is not cool!!

after updating the system to the actual firmware the "screenfreezings" seem to be away but now i got that monitor problem instead.


anybody else experienced that problem?


since the device is more than 1,5 years old i guess i will have no chance to get it repaired within the guarantee-period. and i'm not willing to pay hundrets of bucks for crappy software-workings. sorry.


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I would contact them regardless.  It's very tough to diagnose without knowing everything exactly.


I had problems with my M20D and because the system is so complicated it was very difficult to narrow it down.  Could it be a cord? Input? Monitor? Speaker cord?  All these variables must be checked.


Anyway, I've always found Line6 customer service to be helpful and usually you don't have to wait on the phone that long.

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