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M20d recording to a pc question

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Hi guys, first post!

I am very much into the idea of getting the M20d but i can't seem to find an answer to one question, very important to me. So, i hook it up to a pc and it records 18/20 channels into a DAW as said, but, are the tracks recorded dry or are they wet with all the eq/comp/reverb etc from the channel strip?


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they are recorded dry.


also whenb you play them back on the M20D you can edit each individual track to suit your needs... (reverb etc..)  makes a great tool for sound check.  Have the band play one song and they dont have to be there anymore..


But yes it records dry.

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Yes, its dry.  


I'll add a piece of info, the M20d will not work as a regular audio interface because it has around 1s of latency. It will work to record a session direct to DAW. But not to overdub individual instruments. 


I never use the M20d to record to PC anymore. I love the feature of recording direct to SDCard  ;)

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