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In ear monitor setup

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Don't think there's a tutorial but our drummer uses Sennheiser IEMs on stage and we just come out of monitor D to his transmitter in. We use L2s as A B and C as part of the L6 link set up. We only give him a mono mix but he's more than happy. Setting up of levels is the same as a floor monitor. He usually has mor signal than he needs and dials it back on his belt back so he has some headroom through the gig. Works a treat for us as he's using an electric kit with Zildjian Gen 16 cymbals. They have tiny miss under them and he sings too so we were having chronic feedback problems with a floor monitor. 

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i consistently run at least two IEMs out of the four (usually 3).  Only things are usually the sends are pulled back a bit more than the floor monitors, as the send can clip the IEMs easily that I work with.

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We have a couple of different scenarios but for the majority of the time, we send C to the drummer (mono) to his wired headphone amp and D (mono) to the bassist to his wireless or wired unit. We use A/B as a stereo unit for the vocalist and lead guitar as they work well together and want similar things.


A is LEFT in the stereo wireless IEM unit.

B is RIGHT in the stereo wireless IEM unit.


A is the primary mix for the vocalist....full vocals, light guitar, click, cues, kick, and a mid-mix bass.

B is the primary for the guitarist......full guitar, light vocals, light bass, synth/piano, and light audience track.


If either wants to not the other they pull their in-ear out and focus on theirs but most times it works best to get a full mix but separate the elements for the front performers. It gave us more options than simply four mono mixes. The StageScape has been great for us so far.

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