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HD500x: no assignable master vol like the X3L?


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Hi everyone,


I own a X3 Live which is my gig companion for years, a true workhorse battered and proved. The years are passing, however, and I'm considering to leave it as a backup and purchase a newer unit. I have an eye on the HD500x, which seems to be overall good, except for one thing...


On the X3L I use a headphone for stage monitoring, so I assign the master vol to control to XLR only, this way I have the 1/4 outs at full volume, and I can control the headphones volume with the master vol knob.


I haven't seen any mention to this on the HD500x reference... can't it do this?


Thanks in advance.

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mr Rachmaninoff, wasn't easier to continue playing the piano? ah ah :D ah ..


Way too heavy to carry to gigs at night pubs!



well, unfortunately the master volume controls at the same time all audio HD500X outputs levels, headphone included


This truly sucks... it makes the HD500x basicaly useless to me then... maybe a future firmware update could contemplate this feature?

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