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Sonic Port headphone impedance

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Hi, I have a monitor headphones with an impedance of 150 om. Will it work properly with Sonic Port, I mean the volume and frequency characteristics? (didn't find any mention about the output headphones impedance for Sonic Port)

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I have Sonic Port, what impedance is on guitar input and line input? 

Line6 can you give it? 


Irig HD has: 

  • Instrument Input Impedance: 620 kOhms


Behringer UCG102:

   * Guitar in - 1/4" TRS, impedance - 400 kOhm (LO), 250 kOhm (HI)



Line6 Sonic Port unfortunatelly nothing write about impedance :-(

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Apple buds work fine but my AKG K240S's, Sennheiser HD280's and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80OHM's all sound distorted.  Not sure what the prob is but monitoring without isolated closed backs is deal breaker for me.  Going to get an Apogee One this week.

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