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Workbench HD meaning of capacitance value "FILTER" ?

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I looked in the HELP menu's of Workbench HD but could not find the answer to this question.


In Workbench HD,  under the POTS tab, the CAPACITANCE field allows a value to be specified for the virtual capacitor on the virtual tone control. There are a range of numerical values reflecting commonly used capacitors but there is also a value called FILTER.


Does anyone know what exactly does the FILTER value provide?



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It's a tone control that doesn't really interact with the tone pot chosen value in HD WB that much. The cap values and the tone pot (and the volume pot values) interact, changing output volumes and resonances. I'm an electrical engineer (not in electronics, but I have some knowledge with them). The filter just basically rolls off the high frequency with less effect from the pot values, from what I've messed with it. The pot position varies it from nothing (10) to muffled (0) I tried a few combo's with it and I don't much care for it.


It's sort of like the tone switch on my Gretsch Country Gentleman. On the upper bout, there's 2 switches - a 3-way pickup selector and another 3 way tone switch -- middle - no filter cap, clean; down - muddy; up - muddier... Gretsch users actually call it the "mud switch".... That's my take on it.


In prior Variax firmware (before the HD versions), they had a filter on one of the Tele model neck positions -- hated it, didn't understand why anybody would think it was good... Sounded like a sock was stuffed in it....



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More incite here:

Workbench HD cap values Conversion Chart



For those who want to know here is a conversion chart to make sense of the Workbench HD cap values


1.1nF = .0011 uF (microfarads)

2.2nF = .0022 uF (microfarads)

4.7nF = .0047 uF (microfarads)

11nF = .011 uF (microfarads)

22nF = .022 uF (microfarads)  =  Typical Gibson Tone Cap with 500K Tone pot)

47nF = .047 uF (microfarads)=  Typical Fender Tone Cap with 250K Tone pot)

100nF = .1 uF (microfarads) = Some Fender Tele's use this as a Tone cap with 1 Meg ohm Pot

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