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main out to in ear system

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I play in a band as keyboard player and have the controls of the M20D.


the sound of the repetition is very loud becouse  the second guitarplayer like to play with alot of power.


I bought a in ear system to protect my ears.


Is it possible to sent the main outputs to the monitor out of the M20D and not the individual channels ?


Sorry for my bad English  :)






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Two options:


First, yes, you can send the main mix to your in ears simply by connecting the Main L/R outputs to your in ear transmitter.

If you need the main (analog) outs to route on to your amps, you'll need a stereo in ear system with pass-thru so the signals can continue on to your amps OR a 2 into 4 signal splitter (2 inputs to 4 outputs).


Alternatively, the simpler method and as per quadcabby's suggestion, in *your* monitor channel on the M20d, set all the channels to "linked" mode and set the levels for each such that the indicator triangle is green. When the indicator is green, there is no boost or cut on the channel relative to the main out level for that channel, giving you a mono summed main outs mix. If you do need to boost your own (for example) channel, simply adjust the level of your keys into your monitor channel. The best thing about "linked" mode is that the input will follow the main out level set for it, so if you need to (for example) increase the main vox in your FOH mix, that change will be mirrored in any monitor channel where the input is present and linked.


Perhaps your second guitar player needs to learn a little stage etiquette! All that "a lot of power" on the stage does is to create an inbalance in the main FOH mix (too much stage noise bleeding out) and the ongoing battle of rising stage volumes as individuals struggle to hear themselves and turn up "a little" progressively through the night.

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OK so the obvious question would be, when would your FOH guy solo a channel in the middle of a performance? Or are you just pointing out that it may be annoying during sound check. 


I didn't know that the solo affected the headphone out but I know that the Mute all button doesn't mute the headphone out.

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As with litesnsirens, I'd be wondering why the FOH guy would solo a channel mid performance too. But your point is still valid.


On the basis that the M20d would be stageside and the FOH guy working from an iPad, he'd have no relevant need to solo a channel.... it would be of no use on the iPad


If the M20 were not stageside, the option of running a headphone output would be moot anyway, since the run would (probably) be too far to make it usable. Also, I'd have thought any decent FOH guy would, by the time you are performing, be adjusting any eq in relation to what they are hearing through the main speakers, rather than in cans.


BUT, using the headphone outs in this manner could throw a curveball IF a channel was left solo'd.


Personally, we only solo a channel during a preliminary mix from recording where the preliminary mix is being done in cans prior to raising the main outs to tweak it for the room.

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