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Pod Studio Gx "includes Pod Farm Version 2...but Version 1 Installs


Besides the annoying fact (I have a support ticket running on this issue) that the GX is not recognized by my MacBook Pro (although the GX's little green light is lit) - does anyone have a clue how a package that makes a big deal about the inclusion of POD Farm Version 2 would instead ship with Version 1?


I bought this strictly for the POD Farm 2 and not having to have my PODxT with me whenever I want to record. Makes no sense. Has anyone else encountered this? I can't even try to upgrade using Monkey - since the GX isn't recognized, Monkey won't run without the xT - and for some reason won't log in either.



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they all have a pod farm 1 license hard coded from the factory...

you need to get the drivers sorted out and get the gx recognized by your mac....

after doing so run the license manager, and it will help you get and install the pod farm 2 license.


one note though...

you won't have all the models on the pod xt unless you bought model packs... those will share with the GX...

however factory pod xt models (such as the power pack) won't be available.

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