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Rmove Line 6 Audio-midi devices


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please advise line 6 Admin


how do I remove the Line 6 Audio-MIDI DEVICES from control panel in windows 8 AND why is this not removed or even gives you an option to remove it when you uninstall all Line 6 software???


you have left the end user no way of removing this ? may I ask why ?


the reason I ask is because I don't need the software on this PC no more using it on another PC and I want to remove all line 6 software without having to reinstall the whole Operating system.

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now this is starting to really P!ss me off, I have search my HDD even making it show hidden folders so I can manually remove the software but it seems to me your software team have gone to tremendous effort to hide this ?? where has it been installed ?????



why has your software not been removed using your uninstaller ?? I find this really annoying to the point if that is how your software team leaves your software install setups, then I don't want to use your software anymore :/


I have had virus's in the past that are easier to remove than this ?? lol

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Look in your control panel on the software installation list.


Remove software is not the same than remove driver!!!! Generally software installation have also an un-istallation procedure.... NOT for the driver


For the driver you have to lock in the list......... actually I'm at work so I can't explain it better but this evening (in Italy) I look on my PC....


Seems to be hidden because driver are installed in the windows directory in the driver sub-dir....

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it would just be easier if the line 6 uninstall program removed this at the same time.


although thanks to duncann problem has now been resolved and I now know what file to look for next time. I also cleared out all line 6 from the reg

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