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Custom Magnetic Labels for Original HD500 Available TODAY!!!


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now that looks like a good printable bonus .. i mean good idea ...


hey AlexKenivel


you got some cool stuff on your sound cloud love it (spooky)


woow that track spooky wtf thats just brill im gonna hafta hear that everyday :) this your own music ????


if this is your own music you just got your self a new UK fan lol


your track earthquaker with echo sounds abit like an UK group called ozric tentacles i used go and see them live at the uni's in london like brixton academy and alike back in the 80's use to cost £3 a ticket to see them live to day £25-50 depends where they play truly epic band to see live the throb live track is brill ..


one of them kinda of reminds me of Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11 in away lol ..

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