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Firehawk Backup


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As far as I can tell so far,  there is no way to backup the entire contents of the Firehawk?  I have not connected it yet to PC but I think that is just for recording purposes.  Has anyone checked this out? 


Also I did not realize when I bought my Firehawk, that you can write or "copy" over the factory settings, and once you do that, that particular patch is gone for good unless you do a full factory reset which will likely wipe out any settings of your own in the unit itself.

Then, you are left to download one by one all the patches you have saved to "My Tones"


Am I correct on all the above??? I would like to know the individual factory patches are available for download just in case I want to reload it.  Any help is appreciated!! 


Also, this is my review of the Firehawk at this point:

First, it is a bright brassy sounding unit.  It's great for a lot of distortion tones but to me does not appear to be designed for a straight guitar sound like you would use for a straight rhythm or Country Music style leads.  Also to me, even a lot of the distortion patches are brassy sounding. 


That is my conclusion so far after a couple hours of playing with the settings.  Consider also this is my opinion in the way that I am connecting the unit.  I am only running the mono out directly into  my old solid state Peavey  Special 130 amp.  Running thru a tube amp or sound system  may make a big difference but I still think this unit is very bright and digital sounding. 


I have been trying to find a "warm" tube amp straight sound.  The way I was finally successful in getting very close was to start with an unedited "User" patch that you will find at 30.A.  Then I added and edited Eq. and compression, delay and reverb, possibly noise gate if you want.  Doing this was faster and easier than trying to edit an existing factory patch.


I was considering returning the unit until I figured this out because it is just too bright sounding to me.  I am still using my old old Digitech RP 10 and I think it sounds better than the new wonderful Firehawk.  Just my 5 cents worth, but I still have a mountain of editing to do with the Firehawk. 


In all fairness, the RP10 was pretty digital sounding also until I eventually tweeked in the right amount of compression and e.q. for my taste, but over the years I have been very satisfied with it.  I do think however that the Firehawk is actually worse in that respect.  Hard to believe in this advanced stage of electronic evolution we live in.  I'm not convinced we have totally overcome the need for tubes!  Thanks all!!!






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Having done a factory reset a few times on mine, I backed up all the stock patches to "my tones" the last time. I do think some of them are on the cloud. There is no bulk save or restore for tones. It is a versatile unit, and after tweaking, you will probably find amp/effect combos you like, but it is not as easy as we all thought it would be, because of some of the limitations of the unit.

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