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Hd147 And Heil Talk Box

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Appreciate I have an older amp but I have the HD147 and and line 6 4x12 cabinet that comes with it (w floor pedal)


It has a great tone and loads of authentic sounds live and loud


I bough the dunlop heil talk box and have follwed the manual


Put the HD147 OUT into the talk box and the out talk box in to the speaker


play the amp and its loud as normal - click the talk box on and ALL the sounds comes out the tube


So do I need a mic for the tube - that would have to be miked up pretty damn loud as the tube sound isnt that loud 

Amp was on 6 and very loud if the talk box was off and sound coming direct out of amp


Is this the best / easiest talk box to use 


I do have the full FBV foot pedal (which ins wah and volume) so could use another talk box and use the effect loop 


Bit lost here clearly so need that Bon Jovi Sound but I had thot the talk sound would come out of my amp but seems not





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Well got no support from line 6 so contacted Dunlop and my guitar store,

You can plug the talk box in between your amp and cabinet but you are then limited on your amp volume, must be high but not too high else you blow the talk box


Best option is to use an ab box and Harmonix power amp to power the talk box so your hd147 can be at any volume, happy to share diagrams if anyone needs

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