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Line 6 XD V35L Lavalier used with a guitar

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I want to buy the system to use as is for making documentaries, but would like to use it for live performance with an electric guita conected to it.


Would the above mentioned system work with a guitar?

Would the V35-BP bodypack work with an electric guitar?


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Only thing is, I find electric guitars to be best suited to run through an amp that has a microphone in front of it... electric guitars direct into the house always kind of suck in my opinion....  That said,  you could always use this to send the signal wirelessly to a pedal board or into the amp ...



physically I have found no difference between the bodypack you get with the G30 Relay and the V35-BP  the difference is in the reciever with the " cable tone " which I personally have never used or had anyone using my rig use either...


hope it helps..

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