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I have an all Line 6 system - 2 L3S, 2 L3T, 4 L2M and a stage scape. Just added the 4 monitors. We have had great experiences with the system and our old monitors using the Aux outs. Gigged yesterday with the new L2 monitors for the first time and had some problems. It sounded like they were linked directly to the main outputs. If I assigned any channel to a particular monitor it made no difference. If I muted the monitors they continued playing. All of the links on the monitor setup were "broken". The whole system was connected with L6 Link. Is it possible this was some kind of glitch or did I miss something?

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The M20 will auto assign outputs to the monitors based upon their order in the L6Link chain... The first L series speaker in the chain "on its side", ie being used as a monitor, will be auto-assigned Monitor channel A, the second mon B etc. It is most likely that your M20 hasn't detected the L"'s as monitors and as such is feeding them either an L or R (or L+R) output.


If you have the speakers upright, they will not be recognised as monitors.


Check your L6Link settings. "Ping" the monitors to confirm which is which and the M20 will show you which channel has been assigned. If one isn't being given the channel you want, deselect the Auto Assign option, then manually assign the correct channel to the correct speakers, A, B, C, D. If you are running your L2's upright, you will need to do this regardless.

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