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Enjoying my new FX100 but....


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Im now playing with and enjoying my FX100. It took a bit of time to set up with me using an android device needing unit updates.

The but bit is my tone matching searches. Before buying the FX100 I watched dozen's of you tube vid's which inspired me to put my hand in my pocket and spend some cash. The video's I watched implied (in my opinion)that the tone search/tone match,actually looked at the music track you were selecting,but Ive found the search is actually for the artist making the music,not the actual track Im selecting.

All this really mean's is that Im going to add new playlist's to my android's music playlist,with the artist/band name missing to see if I can get the result's closer to the track's selected.

At the moment Im not in love with the FX100,time will tell if I have a change of heart. 

I love the idea's implied from the video's Ive seen,but the reality doesnt do it for me. Just yet.

Do any other FX100 owner's have any thought's similar to mine?


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I too was a bit disappointed with the tone matching system.  For me, it works as expected, but I had hoped there would be more of a following and more quality tones offered.  There are some decent tones for sure, but so many famous shredding guitar players with classic tone are not even represented.  Alas, I have to admit that I have not done one thing to support the tone library myself - so I suppose I have no business complaining!


I got my FX100 last October and put it away by XMAS and went back to using my HD500X.  I wasn't loving the FX either.  I just recently took the FX100 out for a spin, and I have to say, it sounds really good with little fuss, and has so many more amps and effects than the HD500X.  It's funner and easier dialing in tones with full color on the retina touch screen of your iphone or ipad than using the little hd500x low res B&W screen.  After using the HD500X quite a bit, the simplicity of the FX100 is refreshing.  I'm loving it right now.  I didn't mean for this to be a comparison between the two units, but it became one.  On that note, the HD500 community and tone offerings are more established and better than the FX100.  Hopefully, the FX100 community will improve with time.

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Tone matching will only ever be as strong as the community that drives it, as you say you haven't contributed to the library yourself and that's kinda the root of the problem, I had the same issue with the zoom g5, it wasn't easy to share tones so the amount of user created tones is really low


By the way you can do manual searches by just typing in the name of the song without using any mp3's

If you find a particular artist who isn't represented why not have a bash at that tone yourself? It's actually the best way to learn and refine tone building skills, just Google search what amps, effects etc that the guy uses and have a go at building it and don't forget to share

Even if it's terrible it might get other people having a go who think they can better it

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