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Issue with my HD500X

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Hello all, 


I have had my HD500x for a little over a year.  Love it, I use it only for FX and use my 5150 for amp sounds.


Lately, my switch that is next to the tap switch, and sometimes the one to the left of that, will switch on the effect I have set up there.  Doesn't matter which scene I have loaded, it will still do this.


I have an idea of what it is, and two different fixes for it, what do you all think this is?  I actually have video of my last band practice of it doing this if you want to see it fail.


Has this happened to you guys?  Is it common?  What caused it and what do I do?


Thanks :)




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Just out of sheer intuition, the first thing I'd do is break-down the internals to get to the switches, and

give things a thorough cleaning. Not saying that would be it, but its certainly where I would start.

Failing that, the next thing I'd do is a firmware re-flash and/or global reset, just for good measure.

Failing that, well, I'd probably come back here and look for more ways to nut it out. Goodluck !

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