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Noob needs help X3 Live no output at all

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Hi Guys,


I bought myself an introductory POD X3 Live.

I have a Variax 300, and am connecting with the DVI cable, this is definitely working.


I also mave a nice toy amp, a Roland Cube.


I have no sound coming out at all.

I have tried many combinations in the output screen, however I'm obviously missing something.

Help me get sound please.                             

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I don't own a Variax but might be able to help you nonetheless.


Does the X3L have any output with a normal guitar? If "no" check your input settings - (set it to guitar). Set to tone 1 and check again. Next would be to check to see if the tuner is getting a signal.



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Do you hear sound through the headphones output?


Check your output settings (XLR or 1/4") to make sure your selected Tone is not muted.


And here's a little known fact about the X3L: the LINE/AMP switch on the top of the device acts like an overall Mute switch when it is in the middle position. Make sure it is fully moved to the AMP position (in your case).

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.... I checked settings. ......


If you're absolutely convinced that it's not a setting then you need to take your X3 Live device to an authorized Line 6 service center.


However, just in case.....

- Check the Outputs page in the menus. Make sure that the 'exit' that you are not hearing is not muted. Make sure the Pan setting is appropriate for your physical connections (e.g. if you are only using the L XLR Output make sure the XLR outputs are not panned fully R).

- Check the Amp/Line switch associated with the 1/4" outputs. Make sure the switch is clearly set to one side or the other. If it is in the middle it acts as a Mute button.


If those things check out OK we will need more information to be able to help you.

- Do you hear sound through the headphones?

- Are you sure it is only one 'exit' that is silent? Which one(s)?

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