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Relay G90 Buzzing


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I am having a loud buzzing noise appear when I use a Relay G90 wireless system with the GK Fusion 550 head. I have tried three different Relay G90 wireless systems along with different guitars and still getting buzzing. I have took everything out of the rack to eliminate ground loops and have the amp and wireless plugged into the same outlet. I have tried at different locations (Warehouse and other House) and still have the same result, BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. I have changed cables out. When I plug directly into the input of the amp I get no buzz. I have tried all the wireless systems on my other rigs and they have no issues, no buzzing. Dose anybody have any ideas why this is happening?

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You could connect the G90 to another amp or just connect some headphones to the output to see if it is the G90 itself or some grounding issue when you connect to your setup.


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