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I have my HD500 set to input 1 Variax, input 2 same and yet when I turn off the modeling in my JTV I can still hear the mags.  Is this normal?  Shouldn't the mags only be heard if I select Variax Mags in the POD?  How does it work for anyone else with a JTV/HD500?

Does it matter if the battery is installed or not?


I just feel like there is a faint ghost note coming through and I think it is the mags bleeding through.


PS - all firmware is up to date and I am connected only using the VDI cable.

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Yes, that is normal. The Variax output (which is selected as the input for your preset) is either a selected model or the mags when modeling is turned off. There is no setting in the Variax to make it output nothing.


The Variax Mags setting for the Pod input will take the mags as the Variax output even when the Variax modeling is turned on. That way you can choose to blend the Variax Mags and selected Model as the preset inputs by setting Input 1 and Input 2 differently.

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