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HD500X user considering DT50 212 / FRFR


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Hey all,


So I'll try to keep this short! Have been lurking the forums and doing a lot of reading, but can't quite find the answer to my question so I figured I would ask you guys for your honest opinions!


Recently had a JCM 2000 DSL stack with a 1960 classic 4 x 12 box (Green back speakers). I LOVED this thing but it was just overkill and hardly getting used. I replaced it with a POD HD500X and I have a good friend who loves his and has been kind enough to send me some killer tones to play with...


Now my problem is this - Obviously I loved my Marshall, and I'm now running the HD500X through 2 x JBL EON 15 G2 speakers (I also run a V-Drums setup through them). With the V-Drums, they're fat and perfect with the kits I have setup. With the POD, I just feel like I am missing that body and warmth that the Marshall had. I loved how it had this really big, fat, chunky warm sound... While the POD has so much flexibility and potential, I just can't stop missing my tube amp..


Which has led me here... I have an opportunity to get a DT50 212 combo for a great price (1100 Australian refurb stock - Has some minor nicks in the tolex and has had the transformer replaced, and comes with 12 months Warranty.


What I really want to know is will this setup give me back the feel of my Marshall with the flexibility of the POD? I think the POD is so flexible and do not want to get rid of it... But on the flip side of this, if I already have the JBL EON speakers, am I better off getting something like a tube pedal in between the POD and the speakers to achieve the same effect as the DT50? Obviously if I can save myself $1100 and spend it on other gear I would like to, but if I'm going to be longing for something that is unachievable with what I have, I'd rather take the plunge!



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No problems - I originally got the jbls for use with the v drums only and I've ended up using them for a total mix of v drums, bass, guitar (via pods) and vocals when jamming with friends.


In relation to trying to get a tone setup with my pod Im trying the jbls on their own with the pod but I'm still not feeling it!

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What I did was run the POD line level out and cut the bass 50/60 % on

the JBLs That helped a lot.

I know it's not the best solution but it might buy you some time


Agreed, some adjustments to the EQ on the speakers themselves will probably get you where you want to be. I tweaked the EQ on my PA speakers to match the POD and I found that everything I run through them now sounds a bit better than where I had the EQ before. Granted I don't run full bands through them, just MP3's and backing tracks for jamming.

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I found I could get close to awesome with my HD500 but never quite arrived.  It's splendid for recording DI, though!  Then I got a killer deal on a second-hand DT50-112, which really opened up a door for me.  I did have some serious ups and downs because I play so quietly in my basement that the noise floor was very bothersome.  But when I took the amp to an audition nobody noticed, including me!  So that's the deal with the noise--it's the same volume pretty much regardless of how loud you set any of the volume or gain knobs, and the main variable is the voice you select (1-4)


But if you have 2 speakers, the noise decreases some.  and if you use triode rather than pentode it decreases some more.


i'm now on day 2 with a greenback and the oem speaker.  this is very similar to what the dt50-212 has for speakers.  i'm really pleased, and the greenback only has 2-3 hours on it so it's not even broke in yet.


if I were you I'd check out the DT50 thoroughly and see if you like it.  The patches you use for FRFR will need major tweaking with a guitar amp, even the DT, so you might leave your pod at home and just see how you like the amp.  for versatility it is second to none, especially with a pod hd, but there is a learning curve.  Be forewarned:  That DT50-212 is a very heavy beast.

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DT50 with a POD is an awesome setup.  I've played on the same stage as vintage marshalls and Bogner Ecstasy's and it really holds it's own and does so much more than those amps will do.


For the $$$ it's a no-brainer.  Great amp on it's own and amazing with an HD500.

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