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Looper effect on POD hd 500


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Hello to all, I have searched the forums and had no luck so I'll post here for any feed back.


First off let me say that this pod is awesome but only 1 complaint is that the looper effect doesn't work consistantly (seems to have a mind of it's own) when it works, it work well but when it doesn't ......GRRRR! so I was wondering if anyone else has had or is having this issue, or is there some thing that I'm missing or is it a faulty unit.


Appreciated any feedback or wisdom that might help me out.


Thanks in advance


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Ok well in the past i hold down the looper effect pedal for a few second and the effect comes on and the appropriate screen comes up, now I hold the pedal down and nothing, it stays on the effect screen and the looper effect is not engaged, at all. I have not changed anything, or any settings, from what I have done in the past. The unit is in perfect condition and very rarely is taken aout of the house so it hasn't been knocked around at all.

That being said it has never worked consistantly from day 1 and i ordered it from interstate over the net so never worried about sending it back to get check(Yes I know that my bad).



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One thing you may consider is.... (if you have to send it in for repair "just for the looper") if that is the only issue and its not under warrenty, you might want to use the cash to get a real looper pedal. Boss, Digitech, etc..... Just saying  ;)



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