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xd-v75 hand held. Mute and mic model problem.

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 I had a problem with a xd-v75 hand held yesterday. The mic would go into mute mode without touching the button. I checked it both on a stand and handheld and as soon as the performer started singing it would partially shut down then come back muted. I say partially shut down because it did not go through it's full boot process. the screen would go dark and then come right back muted. We were using 5 xd series mics at the time. I switched out the mic and transmitter and the rest of the night went fine.


 During a break I was testing the mic and I noticed I could not assign a mic model. All the other parameters worked but the mic model screen showed "no model" and i could not change that screen. To make matters worse, I've just tested the mic, and everything works fine. (they're labled, so I'm sure it's the same system:-) No Mute Problems, Mic Mods work fine? Anyone have any suggestions. Does Line 6 have any testing methods that might root out intermittant problems. If so I'd be glad to send it in for testing/repair. This system is one of 2 backup/extra systems I carry and I don't like to have to worry that my back up won't work if I need it.




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I'd try to unscrew the capsule, check the pushpins.  I had a similar issue where i had to reseat the capsule once. It popped every time i'd mute/unmute the mic before it stopped working until reseat.

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