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Help:pod Hd500x Vs M13


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Hello guys!

My brother's birthday is coming and I really want to surprise him, but I'm not sure whether to get him the M13 or the Pod HD500X, I need to confess that I never tried either of those two

He has a really bad 80's amp and a mixing console where keyboards and vocals go to the PA

Which one is better and why?

He is an FX experimental guitaris t, knowing that which one is better for him?

I'm a complete noob when it comes to digital proccesors and I just want him to have the best

Thats why I need your help

  Thanks in advance. :) 

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when you use the term "bad" do you mean as in bad lollipop or just plain bad. if you mean just plain bad you should get him an amp. no amount of fx or amp modeling is going to enhance his tone if it's amplified through crap. along with the learning curve for tweaking the hd, might discourage him even sticking with the hd, there are plenty of good amps out there, new and used, that are comparable in price. if you mean the amp he has is bad lollipop then go with the hd. right now guitar center has the hd 500 for $400 which was previously $500. the brand new hd 500X is $500 with some better processing power and some better construction. but is basicaly the same as the 1st gen 500 in terms of modeling amps and fx. the hd series has the same fx as the m13 i believe. 

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