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I bought a StageScape Mixer in December 2014.


The first time I used a performance live display was blocked and would not let me touch anything but the sound was ok.


After that I used 3 more times and always blocked where I was playing. The last time was this Saturday and blocked three times and I had to change my table.

I made the re-installation of the 1.2 firmware to try to analyze it looked good but after that the display at least once blocked and faded.


Someone had a problem identical to this with this table ??


Thank you

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I experienced the 'locked display but sound is ok' while i was recording on SD card.

It turned out that the SD card was broken.


I replaced the SD card and the 'locked display ...' was gone.

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I am little new to the M20 party as I just started using it. However, I have gotten the locked display a couple of times now. I am using my M20 for live track capture. My working theory is that when things are changed on the SD card like removing folders, files or swapping cards and the playlist items or recording target no longer exist. It seems that once I clear the playlist and/or setup the recording target to one that actually exists (not an old one). I have not isolated it further, but last night we had a sessions and I locked three times while tweaking...I went to the playlist and cleared 5 or 6 old items I had there that no longer existed and setup the recording target...It did not lock again and the session lasted about 3 more hours...

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