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New Jtv89 Not Recognized

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Hi everyone - got my 89 today (very happy with the feel and playability so far) but my computer doesn't seem to "see" it. And wonder of anyone might have any ideas.


I have a Mac - downloaded the latest version of monkey, plugged the USB into the back (as opposed to the keyboard USB ports).


Plugged the VDI into the variax, other end to the USB 'adapter' provided by Line 6, USB into the other side of the adapter, and end of USB to the back of my iMac. Seems like this is something that should just work without a lot of rigamarole.


Initially, I did not have the battery in the guitar, also tried it with the battery in - but perhaps it was t charged enough yet. Does the battery need to be in to do any upgrades through monkey?


Thanks much. I tried a bunch of keyword searches prior to posting but just came up with a bunch of nothing.



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Here is a list of tips I put together from various posts on the forum.  I'm doing this from memory, so, I don't remember who originally posted each of these suggestions.


Things to check/try:


  1. Update Line 6 Monkey and drivers first.
  2. Try downloading the firmware file, and then select upgrade from file and browse to the file you downloaded.
  3. Battery in, fully charged
  4. connect via variax interface, not a POD
  5. Volume at 10 with 1/4 inch jack plugged in
  6. Try a different USB port (on my mac, I use the one furthest away from where my keyboard is plugged in)  Don't use the keyboard USB Ports.
  7. Try a different USB cable
  8. Try using a standard ethernet cable in place of the VDI cable.  Crossover cables do not work.
  9. Have the modeling "off"
  10. Try repeatedly updating the firmware.
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