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What should be my pod xt setting with this amplification??

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Hi all, a few weeks ago a good friend of mine inspired me to play with him, but i hadn't a guitar amplifier, I've got an auto powered flat response stage monitor, and that's my amplification right now. Obviously it sounds horrible, dirty, noisy, fat and always saturated. Anyone here could help me to get a good tone with this amplification until i buy a decent guitar amplifier??


thanks a lot.


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I use an XT Live a lot still and just use a power amp myself and it sounds good to me. I would set the output to studio direct and work from there. A FRFR monitor should sound good - mind you you may have to play with the EQ too.


Not knowing what tone you are going for clean/dirty/metal it is tough to really say but the XT has enough options to get what you want.



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OK, yesterday i went to our rehearsal room, and i connected the POD xt to the external speakers through an small mixing desk it sounds amazing!! powerful and clear. 


Maybe i buy an small mixing desk and a 200 watt cabinet. Thanks for all.

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