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POD Sounds muffled sometimes


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I've been thrilled with my POD HD500x since buying it back in February.  I use it mostly to record, with full amp models in all their glory, but I also use the 4CM with my Marshall amp, and if I don't want to lug the Marshall to practice I'll go direct into the PA with the amp models.


I've noticed that sometimes the POD sounds like someone has thrown a towel over the speaker.  Out of nowhere it just loses all clarity.  It has happened both going direct into the PA and with the 4CM.  Sometimes I switch patches and the clarity is back, other times I have to reboot the POD and it's all ok, and still other times I have to do both of those things multiple times until the problem corrects itself.


Has anyone else had this problem?  At first I only noticed it when I was using the 4CM, but now it is happening when I'm going into the PA also.  Any ideas what it could be?


I have updated to the new firmware, but I think this happened before that.  I honestly can't remember how long ago I updated, but I'm 99% sure I had this problem back in early March.

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I haven't had that problem but with my HD500 running into a DT25 via L6 Link it would some times sound much brighter as if some of the bass had been rolled off but a second press of the patch FS to reload the patch and suddenly the bass would be back in there.


I am now using HD500 into an L2M and haven't really been aware of it re-occurring although some days I think the unit sounds more harsh and trebly.


When I first installed the latest fw with the global EQ, I was sure everything sounded warmer and less harsh/trebly - but now months down the line I am back to thinking "why is it sounding harsh today?"  and then promptly tweaking the treble down and boosting the bass.


Maybe it's just my ears or maybe the HD500 does do things differently on some days for some reason.


I would recommend that perhaps you record the scenario's you are describing just so you have evidence of what it is doing now.

Then I recommend you back up all your patches individually,  re-install the fw, do the global reset, re-calibrate the pedal, and load in your previous patches one at a time and check they sound the same.


If it still misbehaves as before - then you have the recordings for evidence and you can open a ticket with L6 support and they should then give you an RMA so you can send the unit back to be fixed.

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