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PodXT Live won't connect USB

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Hey, everyone.


I have had this PodXT Live for several years, through 3 different PCs, and it's been fantastic! I haven't used it or connected it to my PC for the last few weeks. I hooked it up yesterday, but the computer doesn't see it at all!


This is Windows 8.1, and I've used it on this machine for the last 1.5 years or so without issue.


Tried it on 2 other PCs: one is Windows XP, which I had previously used with it, has Gearbox, Monkey, drivers etc. installed - didn't work. Also another Windows 8.1 machine - my work machine, which is pretty beefy, and had never had the POD connected to it. On this machine, I installed the Monkey from scratch, downloaded drivers, etc. - brand new install - no good. I've swapped out the USB cable, too.


In all cases, I updated the Monkey, downloaded the drivers, etc. (done this many times, I'm pretty good at it). Every time I get to where the driver install program says "plug in your POD now," I plug it in, and nothing happens. Zip, zilch, nada. No reaction from the PC, like I never plugged it in at all.


It's looking like the USB port on the POD failed, but I don't even want to think about that! Anyone else ever see this?


I was thinking I would try to manually uninstall the USB driver on my main PC (that I use it regularly with) but I can't find any instructions anywhere.


Or, did I accidentally disable the USB port - is that even possible?


Thoughts, anyone?


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