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Which Input ?


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I have a Pod HD Bean.

For my mono stuff iuse input 1Guitar - Input 2 mic

Now, for my dual amps / stereo stuff Should i use :-

Input 1 guitar - Input 2 guitar or

Input 1 guitar - Input 2 same.


I don't understand why Input 2 has guitar/same/mic. I'd expect it just to have same/mic.


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I've never messed with dual amping, but I'd imagine have them both set to Guitar, or one set to the Guitar and the other to Same making the most sense. Try both and see if it changes the signal at all. I imagine that it shouldn't. 


Usually for mono stuff I set Input 1 to Guitar and Input 2 to Variax/Variax Mags; if you haven't tried it yet, then I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot. Then you want to center both Paths, and mute Path B. In my experience you end up with a less noisy, tighter tone. 

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You might want to look at this:


But yes, for dual amps. you'll need to have the second input set to same (or something that contains "same") or you'll have no signal going to the second path.

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