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Sonic Port VX and Reaper - Fizzy sounds in VST's

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First of all, I have posted the following problem in the Reaper and IK Multimedia forums, but haven't got a real answer.


Secondly, My set-up:

Me -> Godin Session -> Evidence cable -> Sonic Port VX -> Win7, 64bit, i7, 8GB Ram -> Reaper/standalone programs. The headphones are my AKG K518 and K77.


When I'm using my guitar with the sonic port into Amplitube 3 or Pod Farm (either in stand alone or VST) I get a really fizzy sound with overdrive/distortion. Also, in amplitube the difference in volume between clean setting and dirty (especially with an overdrive pedal) is HUGE. In the amplitube manual it says the following: "Tip: if while browsing AmpliTube 3 presets you find that all clean sounds are too quiet and all lead sounds are too high, this   means that you’re using a too low input gain on your audio interface.".   Now, I can't change the input level, and even after playing with all the input knobs I still get the same results. Has something like this happend to some one else?


Any help would be much appreciated.

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im not sure what the fizzy problem is but i do know that line 6 actually goofed up the coding, when you remove the sonic port it can damage your recording card in your pc and now i have two pcs that cant record because sonic port destroyed the DLL files so the control panel for sound works but as soon as i go to the Recording tab it says not responding and Windows common shell dll not responding, because the port acts as a sounds card. it worked for a session and now reaper wont even open because it cant recognize any sound recording devices on ,my pc. it just says not responding, Line 6 what did u do. :huh:

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