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Lead channel output level using 4CM - HD500X


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Hello everyone.


I am using HD500X and the 4 cable method with a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100


I have been struggling with my ignorance on how to control the master output

from each channel. But Struggle I mean I have no clue how to do it. :)


So from scratch, to make it easy ,say i have my favorite rhythm channel 'A'

and copy it to the next channel 'B'. I cant for the life of me figure out how to

make the b(lead) channel louder.


also struggling with the noise gate, should it be in the left or right side of the

screen as being on the left if does not seem to be that affective.


thanks in advance






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suggest you use the POD FX Loop levels to adjust your signal strength. 


As far as the noise gate, if it is on the left side (before your amp) use it to control noisy pickups or distortion FX.  If it is on the right side (after your amp) use it to control amp hiss from your tubes before the signal hits your delays or reverbs.


Sometimes you need to use two just for that reason and then neither one has to be dialed in as hard...

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Not to make assumptions, your 4cm setup is:

Guitar -> POD Input
POD FX Send -> Amp Input
Amp FX Send -> POD FX Return
POD 1/4" Mono Output to Amp FX Return
Somewhere in the POD signal chain you have an FX Loop Block.


Your Amp has two CHANNELS, A and B. These are controlled by a footswitch (NOT THE POD). They each have a separate VOLUME control.
In Bank X of your POD you have PRESET A and PRESET B. These are Identical, but you want one louder than the other. Unless I've misunderstood your need, just add something like a Compressor or EQ to the end of the signal chain and set it for a higer output than you'd have without it. Then you'd only need the ONE preset!

I'm sure there's lots of other ways, that's just what I'd try first.

As for the noisegate, it usually goes at the beginning of the signal chain, right after the guitar, but put it anywhere it works for you. Or, as Ratatats suggested use more than one.

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Hi guys.

Sorry for the late reply.


I was able to try using the effect level to boost

up my lead channel.


Both the send and return were defaulted to zero


Wow, what a volume explosion!


Thank for the help, you guys are awesome




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