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Wah / Volume switching in Firehawk


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Excuses me, I have some question about Wah / volume pedal switching.

When use in live playing, How can I switch Wah / Volume immediately in one preset ? Because in App remote, they dont have assigning foot switch for Wah on-off. [not same other HD pod series]

and it's really hard to off-on Wah via IPAD for live playing.


thank you for all of your answer.

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Thank you for your replied.

So I cant switch Wah and Vol at the same preset, right?

I have to do it with first preset[A] = Wah-On. and the second preset = Wah-off, right?

Only one way to play Wah in live playing, right?


Buy the external pedal, then you will have control of both vol and wah.

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Hmmm I'm not so sure what you mean now lol, you do realise you can turn the wah on and off at any time within any patch by just pressing down on the toe of the pedal?

If you mean you need control of volume and wah at the same time? Then yeah you need another expression pedal

Or use auto wah and the pedal for volume

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Another possibility, if you are willing to consider it, is to use an external expression pedal plugged into the PEDAL 2 jack on the rear panel. This affords much more flexibility than just WAH, as other effects may be assigned to PEDAL 2 as a TWEAK in the editor. See the table in the "Configuring Pedal Functionality" section of the "Firehawk FX User Manual (Rev E)" Pilot's Guide if you are interested in learning how this works with an external expression pedal. Search the PDF version of the manual for "tweak" as a guide to some of the parameters that may be assigned to PEDAL 2. Once you get the hang of using tweaks, you will soon discover many parameters in the editor that may be assigned as a tweak to an external expression pedal.

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9 hours ago, FiilipeG28 said:

Can ypu really do that? I keep trying and nothing happens


A lot was said. What specifically are you wondering?


If it's pressing on the pedal to switch between wah and volume, yes. Make sure wah is activated, then press hard with your toe on the front of the pedal and it will toggle.

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15 hours ago, mrgroovy69 said:

I just purchased the Firehawk FX and I want to add another expression pedal. I've found one on Sweetwater that's $30 by a company called Nektar.  The description says the pedal has a TRS type cable. Is that the type I need for the Firehawk?


No. You need a standard 1/4" TS (mono) cable. A TRS cable is a stereo cable. 

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