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Hi Guys


Thanks in advance for any advice....

I am using HD500X live with JT Variax, playing over backing tracks run from Cubase.

I also send MIDI program changes from Cubase via an M AUDIO midi interface, this changes banks and patches on the fly during the set, so I have no pedal dancing to contend with......this is fine but I want to have Cubase send CC data to the Pod in order to control the amount and intensity of reverbs, wah, delay etc, can this be achieved or is this way to complex for the Pod.

I have Guitar Rig which can do all of this but the sounds are not brilliant and the variax functionality will be lost also....defeating the object.

Is there anything I can do to improve the situation or am I just stuck untill Line 6 improve the Pod?

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You can do this. Take a look at appendix B, page B2, in the advanced user guide. It gives the CC#s you need to control the expression pedal for EXP-1 (CC1), EXP-2 (CC2), as well as the EXP toggle (CC59). You'd also have to design your patches with the values you want controlled in mind. So an example would be connecting the mix and decay of a reverb to EXP1. The expression pedal heel down position would be one setting, toe down another. Then change the value of the expression pedal (0-127) from Cubase.


Here's a video that's explains how this can be done:


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